Of all the methods for managing stress, using affirmations can be a one of the most powerful.

methods of managing stress

In this Post we’ll talk about using Affirmations as one of many methods of managing stress. We’ll dig into the what, why, when and where of Affirmations, and also uncover the reasons why – if you’re already using them – why they might not be working for you right now.

methods of managing stress

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affirmations as a method of managing stress

What are Affirmations (really!) 


Affirmations are declaration statements that you say to yourself to assist changing your way of thinking and boost positivity. They can be made use of to help you develop confidence, lower stress, and anxiousness, attain objectives, and also enhance overall health. Affirmations work by affecting your subconscious mind, which can assist in changing your beliefs and perspectives about yourself and also the world around you.

When you repeat affirmations to yourself, you are basically programming your mind to focus on positive ideas and beliefs. By doing so, you can start to re-wire your brain to think more positive thoughts and act in positive ways, which can have a powerful influence on your mood, actions, and general expectation on life.

Why are Affirmations a good way to manage stress?

Below are a few of the reasons affirmations are just one of the excellent methods of managing stress and anxiety .

  • Affirmations can help reframe unfavorable thoughts: When you’re stressed out, it’s very easy to get caught up in unfavorable ideas and also negative self-talk. Affirmations can assist you in reframing those negative ideas into positive ones, which can change your viewpoint as well as reduce anxiety.
  • Affirmations can assist you in focusing on the present moment: Tension frequently originates from stressing over the future or ruminating on the past. Affirmations can assist you in focusing on the here and now minute by minute, and stay in the present moment.
  • Affirmations can raise self-confidence: When you’re stressed, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and question your abilities. Affirmations can help you build self-esteem as well as advise you of your strengths and capacities.
  • Affirmations can decrease anxiousness: Stress and anxiety frequently comes from a feeling of uncertainty or concern of the unidentified. Affirmations can assist you in feeling more grounded and also less anxious by reminding you of your self-confidence and self-durability.
  • Affirmations can promote self-care: When you’re stressed out, it is very important to care for yourself. Affirmations can aid your focus on self-care and remind you that dealing with yourself is a top concern.


affirmations to reduce stress

But… there’s a catch. 

For affirmations to work, it is essential to pick statements that resonate with you and that relate to your objectives and demands. Affirmations are so powerful that it’s vital that you get them right. But forming the best affirmations for you and your scenario is not always very easy.

Here are 4 steps you can follow to see to it that your affirmations fit you to a T

Take That Negative Enemy By the Horns:

Identifying your negative thoughts is the first step in working out the best affirmations for you and your situation. Now is the time to recognize and also confront those negative beliefs that are holding you back.

What are the messages that have stuck with you considering that childhood years? Several of the most common ones are that you’re not smart sufficient, or you’ve never been proficient at math/writing/public speaking/standing up for on your own.

Or the sucker-punch of ‘I constantly mess things up.’ These beliefs make you really feel bad, and also it’s time to look them in the eye and tell them to go.

Write Down Your Set of Negativity Ideas

As soon as you have actually exercised your adverse attitude script, be brave, as well as create them all down, also the ones that make you agonize. Composing them down gets them out of your head and also right into the chilly light of day.

This may not feel good, however it will really feel a lot far better when those words are out of your head. Maintain going even if it hurts! Now you’re ready for the fun part.

Make Your Checklist of Opposites

This step will feel a great deal better. Take each adverse idea as well as list the opposite belief in the 2nd column of your paper. And make certain that you make it a positive declaration. Do not write “I am not good at math’; instead, framework it as a positive “I can do math,’ or whatever favorable declaration works for you. If this feels too difficult, you can start with something softer like ‘I am open to being proficient at mathematics.”

Make your positive declaration as strong as possible.

Rinse and Repeat

The power of affirmations is coming to be embedded deep in your mind. And also the most effective way to do that is to duplicate them over on a daily basis till your affirmations become part of your mindset.

Soon those affirmations will be beliefs that develop you up.


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how to say affirmations

When and How to say your Affirmations

You can duplicate affirmations to yourself in a variety of methods, such as creating them down, stating them aloud, or imagining them in your mind’s eye. Among the most effective means is to state them out loud before a mirror every day. Make it component of your routine, like cleaning your teeth. Uniformity is essential when it concerns utilizing affirmations, so it is essential to make them a normal component of your routine.

While affirmations are not a wonderful treatment for all of life’s obstacles, they can be an effective tool for cultivating a much more positive and resistant frame of mind. With technique and commitment, you can reverse unfavorable ideas, feelings, and perspectives that have been stopping you from living your best life. Affirmations can assist you to conquer limiting beliefs, reduce anxiety and stress, as well as attain your objectives.

writing affirmations

Here’s an example: Using Affirmations at Work

if you’re having a bumpy ride in your company life, making use of affirmations can be one of the great methods of managing stress if you are having negative days in the office. Here’s how to get started:

Affirm Your Value
The initial step to predicting specialist positivity is to affirm your worth. Think about all your skills and good qualities in the office. They can be wide statement like “I am a reliable, accountable person’, or descriptive such as “I provide wonderful discussions.” Consider numerous favorable things about you as well as your work habits and write them down.
Affirmations work best when spoken out loud and repeated, so make it a behavior to look in the mirror and tell yourself exactly how excellent you are.

Affirm Your Colleagues
Affirmations work well when you concentrate externally and acknowledge the worth of individuals around you. It’s very easy to grouse regarding coworkers, however you’ll learn that the wheels move a lot more smoothly if you hand out appreciation instead of objection or negativity. Plan for conferences by thinking of one point you can claim that can be made use of as an affirmation, like ‘you’re an excellent calculated thinker’ or ‘you make great information slides.’ Saying something positive regarding your employee will likewise boost motivation as well as efficiency. People will really feel better regarding themselves, regarding the group and the project.

Affirm Your Task
If you’re having a tough time at the workplace, it can be tough to be positive regarding your job. Attempt not to identify a mistake with individual failure. Also at the most awful times, there will be something you can discover that’s great regarding your job and your contribution. Accept that there are ups and downs at work equally as there are in various other components of your life.

Affirmations can help you leave a downturn. Start by acknowledging exactly how you’re feeling now. If there’s a meeting you’re fearing to attend, or an awkward conversation or e-mail, write down specifically just how you feel about it. After that take each point and turn it right into a positvie. See uphill struggles as challenges that you can rise to. Utilize your affirmations to increase your inspiration.

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Are your Affirmations not working? Here are 3 possible reasons why

You may have an outstanding affirmation practice, your affirmations might fit you like a glove, and everything appears great till you discover that they don’t appear to be functioning. So, what’s wrong? It doesn’t indicate that affirmations aren’t for you, however perhaps you have gotten off track someplace.

Right here’s just how to diagnose what’s not working with your affirmations as well as why.

You’re Not Acting on your Affirmations

Affirmations aren’t magic. They’re not your fairy godmother swinging her magic wand making everything ok. You do have to walk the talk and ensure you’re living your affirmations out in the real world.

Affirmations are the initial step in your frame of mind action plan. Make it component of your practice to follow your affirmation with a concrete example of how you will certainly live your positive declaration today. Those positive words require to be supported with certain examples.

Each time you act on your affirmations, you build one more steppingstone to achieving your goals. At the end of the day, review how you met your affirmations as well as celebrate every success, large or little.

You’re Rushing Your Affirmations

To be as reliable as possible, state your affirmations out loud, slowly and confidently. Put some zest into your delivery as well as look on yourself in the eyes. If you do not believe your positive declarations, you’ve lost before you even start?

It’s worth making your affirmation time a unique ritual. If it just becomes something automatic like cleaning your teeth, your focus will certainly stray, and you won’t be paying attention.

Your subconscious needs to hear that you mean every word so that the importance sinks in. Program your subconscious that you’re significantly regarding your affirmations. Possibly light a candle, take three deep focusing breaths and after that claim your affirmations with confidence in front of the mirror, looking yourself right in the eye.

You’re Not Regular in Your Affirmation technique

Be honest. Do you adhere to a regular pattern of stating your affirmations? Or do you remember to do them some days but not others? Or do you do them just in the nick of time and then quickly run through them in your head?

You cannot expect to have your subconscious to take you seriously if you don’t put in the time to do your affirmations effectively.

Treat your affirmations as a major dedication. Allocate time for them daily at a regular time. Consistency in how and when you state your affirmations will certainly develop self-confidence, and before you recognize it, you will certainly be seeing the benefits.

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Solutions for Affirmations that aren’t working

Yes, they’re one of the best methods of managing stress, but not so if they’re not working for you. Have your affirmations come to be a little stagnant? Possibly they’re just not working how they used to, or maybe you have actually even slacked off a little.

Below are seven means you can check in on your affirmation method and get back on course.

Get An Affirmation Reset

Possibly it’s as straightforward as needing to assess and reset your affirmations. Just as you undergo an efficiency review at work, take some time every quarter, or at a minimum of yearly, to go through your affirmations and also see if they’re still right for you.

See if you can match a real-world accomplishment per affirmation. If you can’t, it’s time for a reset.

Are Your Affirmations A Good Fit?

One reason your affirmations aren’t working can be since they’re not suitable for you. If you dislike the health club, there’s no factor in having an affirmation that requires you to go there daily. That will make you miserable. If you intend to get fit, swap out your affirmation to one that you’ll take pleasure in, like running or playing tennis. Your affirmation needs to really feel right, or it won’t work.

Your Affirmation is Too Enthusiastic

Have you established your bar too high? If your affirmations are also hard, you’re setting yourself up for failing and discouragement. There’s a huge difference between a stretch objective and an impossibility. Having affirmations that are too much to work with is a frequent issue that beginners fall under.

Excitement is fine, however go very easy on the perfectionism. Maintain your affirmations attainability, as you can improve them later on.

You’re Not Stating It Right

Just how do you say your affirmations? Out loud as well as positive? Or do you mumble and feel humiliated? Conquer your awkwardness by changing your tone as well as stance.

The best strategy is to stand tall, look yourself in the eye and say your affirmations comfortably and also confidently.

If you discover the ‘I am’ or ‘I will certainly’ format also challenging, you can transform it into more of a challenge by rephrasing them into ‘Will Il’ declarations instead. A ‘Will I’ declaration likewise helps by leading you to action.

You Do Not Make A Time Financial Investment in Your Affirmations

Just how much time do you spend on your affirmation practice? Be sincere. Out of your sixteen hours a day of waking time, what percentage do you invest in positively constructing yourself up?

Maybe 10 minutes, possibly? What’s your self-talk like for the remainder of the day? Possibly you’re positive, or possibly you’re threatening yourself with self-doubt and adverse self-talk. See your affirmation method as an investment and allot it the ideal amount of your time that’s needed to see a return on that investment.


methods for managing stress

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